Multiple Teams · Final Roster Cuts for Golden Tiger Basketball

Congrats to the following student-athletes who will be in the basketball program for the 2018-19 season.  The players are listed by classes because rosters will not be set until summer is over.


Collin Bonner

Will Bonner

Nathan Brockway

Airreon McCulloch

Ashton Boyd

Karson Hyde

Gabe Amick

Nicholas McSpadden

Samuel Pace

Dre Hamilton

Ozzie Gonzalez

Goose Thorpe

Canyon Pace*



Nicholas Smith

Chandler Dyas

Brooks Scott

Kage Malone

Edgar Amaya*



Jamaal Hubbard

Jacob Davis

Levi Gist

Bryant Hubbert

Nathaniel Trussell

Ethan Howard

Cam Bonn

Jaxon Hallmark



Lucas McNutt

Caden Parker

Devin Buckhalter


*Denotes a player not medically cleared for tryouts that will be evaluated once cleared